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The Catch-22 of Green Energy

As the world shifts, or tries to, from its oil dependency new technology has made it easier for the development of green energy that has the possibility of reducing our nations carbon footprint but, at what trade-off? And if so, is natural gas our best option– for now?

While visiting Oklahoma City, OK we stopped at a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) station owned by Chesapeake Energy, a company that provides natural gas for almost all of Oklahoma and most of the United States, to discuss the use of natural gas and its non-threatening impact (low carbon dioxide emissions) it has on our environment–although now debatable.

 At that moment it seemed like a great idea because it would reduce our carbon footprint, it would gear us away from our dependency on oil and  it  would have a positive impact on local economies since it is a domestic product; but not without a trade-off.



Change is in your hands


  If you drove past the Cuidando Los Niños facility in Albuquerque, NM you wouldn’t even notice that inside the four-pod building a much needed service is being provided to 52 homeless children, below the age of five, who are being provided the most basic care.

Unfortunately, these children represent only the smallest fraction of those who need such are.

Child homelessness is a statewide crisis that has affected the lives of thousands of New Mexico’s most innocent residents, and yet on the state level not enough is being done to put an end to this crisis. Only 2% of its budget going to child care.


Coming Out as Undocumented

 Viridiana Hernandez,19, stands in front of the "Dream Army" tent as she and other activists campout Senator John McCain's office asking him to once again support the Dream Act. Photo Credit: Jacky Guerrero

 Coming out

Coming out was one of the hardest things Viridiana Hernandez, a 19-year-old student from Grand Canyon University, has had to do. It has been nearly a year since Hernandez was able to openly say to her a college professor that she is undocumented.

“I am undocumented and unafraid,” Hernandez said proudly while camping out in front of Senator McCain’s office in Phoenix, AZ for the 11 day in a row, asking him to once again support the Dream Act.

She is amongst a dozen other activists who are calling themselves the “Dream Army” and who are advocating for both military and education reform to include a pathway to citizenship.

The existing parallels between the queer and the immigration reform movements has created a “coming out” experience for undocumented students across the nation, with many feeling scared of what the repercussions might be if they declare their immigration status.