Stop Now from Using Offensive Anti-LGBT Language


Dear friends,

I need two minutes of your time. The site, which I normally enjoy, did a post in which they essentially make fun of an effeminate gay man who criticized Eva Longoria. The post uses the term fags out.

Normally when this happens, GLAAD reaches out to the producer or writer/editor and explains that even if they had no intention of hurting anyone, words have power and word fag has a lot of power. The response usually is an apology and a sincere attempt to remedy the situation. Some media professionals I work with end up being allies and doing very good stories as a result of what began as an unfortunate incident.

Not so with guanabee. They're defending the use of the word and asking folks on the Guanabee Facebook page if they find words like "joto" "puto" and "marica" offensive.

Please, if you have a minute, visit the link and sign the action:

Or write an email to publisher Daniel Mauser at

I don't believe the team at guanabee is trying to offend or hurt anyone, but they're also not understanding that using this word casually only makes its use more common. This is a word that already gets hurled at kids every day on playgrounds everywhere. Young people don't often have the power or the tools to fight back. Fortunately, we grown-ups do.

Thanks for your help. Please feel free to send this to friends, family and allies.



Wednesday, September 28, 2011 - 8:55pm by Monica Trasandes, GLAAD's Director of Spanish-Language Media

The site recently published a post that included the line "Eva Longoria confronts a bitchy queen who fags out on her." GLAAD reached out to publisher Daniel Mauser and explained how words and sentiments like these are used to bully LGBT youth in schools and how often these words accompany anti-gay violence. Rather than set an example and stand with LGBT readers, Mauser defended the post which, sadly, is still online.

The post's author, associate editor Marcelo Baez, who goes by the pseudonym Nacomprende, then wrote a long piece defending his use of the term and asking readers to let him know if they are offended by words like "fag," "marica," and "joto."

Latino gay blogger Andrés Duque, who blogs at Blabbeando and had been a featured partner on the site, ended his partnership with Guanabee over the post.

Ironically, this is the same site that a few months ago did an excellent job of explaining to their readers the power of hateful words, when they covered an anti-Mexican rant by the hosts of the show Top Gear. The BBC eventually apologized.

Let Guanabee know how it feels to hear that term "fags out." They can be reached at

Monica Trasandes
Directora de Medios en Español

La Alianza Gay y Lésbica Contra la Difamación (GLAAD)
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